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27 January 2020 – Wednesday Round 13 Early Start

The forecast for Wednesday 29 January 2020 at 4.30 pm on Monday 27 January 2020 on the BOM website is 38 degrees Celsius.
As per Rule 7.4 of the Metropolitan Pennant Conditions of Play 2019-20, all Round 13 Wednesday Pennant matches will be played with trial ends (roll up) commencing at 9.15am, under the conditions as described in Rule 7.2.
Please note that as per Rule 3.2.4 the number of ends played will be reduced to:
Fours: 18 ends Triples: 21 ends Pairs: 15 ends
with the minimum number of ends completed to declare a game “complete” to be altered as per Rule 5.8 (5 team sides – 61 ends, 4 team sides – 48 ends, 3 team sides – 36 ends)
Clubs are reminded that they need to have a dedicated person monitoring the temperature to ensure that games do not continue if the cut-off temperature (38 degrees Celsius) is reached.