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8 NOVEMBER – Alteration to Wednesday Side Listings

Wednesday Division 4 Central West
Croydon & Kilkenny RSL have withdrawn, replaced by a Bye. The revised side listing is available on this site

All days of competition – forfeits and byes
We are still having some issues updating the points allocations for forfeits and byes.

If a Club forfeits a match they need to notify the opposition as well as Match & Program ( Match & Program will manage the points allocation.
The BowlsLink system is not automatically allocation points for byes. We are also having some issues when a new side replaces a bye or a bye is created after a side withdraws. In some cases the bye or the side that has withdrawn is still showing in the draw.

We are working to resolve these issues.

If there are any questions regarding the above or further clarification required, please contact Match & Program (